LLC, Partnership, Corporation … Let us help you choose the right set up for your business

We can assist your business in several ways. Deciding the best way to categorize your business (entity selection) is crucial. Many different aspects need to be taken into account: how the business will be taxed, legal ramifications, where will the control of day-to-day operations lie, how will big decisions be made and agreed upon, how many people will own the business, will there be shareholders, and where will funding come from are just a few.

At Stone Law, LLC we take the time to listen to your vision and dream for the future of your business and work with you to create the right set up that will meet your needs. Your business should be controlled or maintained in a manner that best suits both you as the owner and your business needs. We can work with you to find ways to minimize liability and transfer assets to benefit your business. Additionally, we can help you find the best way for families or partners to jointly manage real estate and other holdings. When passing a family business down to your children or grandchildren we can help ensure you maintain operational control and minimize taxes as you gradually hand over day-to-day operations and eventually the entire business to your family.

Buy And Sell Agreement

Businesses with more than one owner, partner or shareholder can benefit from having a buy and sell agreement in place to alleviate many potential stressors. Similar to a will or a premarital agreement a buy and sell agreement specifies up front how a business is to be run following an owner or partner’s death, and how the ownership works after they are no longer a part of the company. Having a buy and sell agreement in place can decrease challenges, especially financial ones, when a partner or shareowner in a business dies.


There are many reasons for a business to need a contract. Stone Law, LLC can help businesses and families make sure they operate their business to minimize liability. A good contract can help when a business provides services, such as web or graphic design, building or contractor services and in any other service related business, to specify what you provide and how, as well as mitigate liability concerns. At Stone Law, LLC we can also help create purchase agreements for a variety of transactions involving personal or business property. Contracts can also help manage unique situations, for example a contract can be designed to support a multi generational family manage a farm and farm assets among parents and several children to minimize any potential conflict when making decisions.

Rental Properties

We also provide specific support for landlords. Stone Law, LLC can work with you to create a limited liability corporation for any properties you have, minimizing liability and keeping your personal assets separate from your business assets. We can help you create lease agreements specific to any needs or concerns tailored to each property, including stipulations against marijuana use, or any other issues. In the unfortunate circumstance that you are having significant challenges with a renter, Stone Law, LLC can support you through the eviction process.

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