Elder Law

What exactly is Elder Law?

Elder Law is a legal specialty area that focuses specifically on issues affecting the elderly. Attorneys who work in the area of elder law have specialized knowledge of the unique needs facing the senior population.

Elder Law attorneys are aware of the many physical and mental difficulties that arise as people age and they can thoroughly address their client’s needs, including any issues relating to competency.

A knowledgeable elder law attorney takes many factors into consideration when working with clients, including health issues and the potential need for nursing home care now or in the future (and the client’s wishes if or when nursing home care is needed).

The older we become, the more what ifs…

  • What will happen if I have a stroke and need long-term hospitalization and extensive physical and speech therapy?
  • What will happen if I am diagnosed with a long-term degenerative illness?
  • Who will care for me if I cannot live on my own?
  • Where will the money come from if I need to be in a hospital or nursing facility for specialized care?
  • What happens if I need in-home care or Hospice?
  • What exactly is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid and can I qualify for them and still have something left for my family when I die?

Stone Law Helps With Elder Law needs

At Stone Law, we support you and your family with any aging and disability concerns. We can help make sure you have a solid plan for these and other what ifs to give you peace of mind.

Our primary goal is to advocate for the elderly so no one can take advantage or manipulate a situation to their benefit. We aim to make sure your needs and wishes are met. We will always be sensitive to your needs and challenges. We also recognize that issues and concerns are broader than simply addressing legal needs and can help facilitate partnerships with other helpful agencies.

Stone Law Handles These Elder Law Issues:

  • Planning your estate (will and trust planning) around your current financial picture. Including discussing specific planning needs for any children or grandchildren with special needs, gift tax concerns, other estate tax ramifications and how to best protect your assets.
  • Ensuring your powers of attorney for medical and financial decisions are current and reflect your wishes. Discuss what happens when your capacity to make medical and financial decisions is questioned (guardianship and conservator ship issues).
  • Creating a living will to make your wishes known regarding sustained life support.
  • Documenting what you would like to have happen with your remains upon death.
  • Support working through any family issues and questions.
  • Discuss current and future housing options.
  • How to plan for a spouse who needs long term care when the other spouse does not, including qualifying for Medicaid and insurance benefits and/or Veteran’s benefits when applicable.


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