How things work

At  Stone Law, our goal is to take care of you. We want you walk away with a plan that meets all your needs and alleviates any worries and concerns you have.

Estate Planning That Fits Your Needs

During your free initial consultation, we will speak with you about your specific needs and suggest which estate planning would best suit your situation. Based on your situation and the decisions you make during your initial meeting, we will work with you to develop a tailored estate plan to fit your needs. Our estate planning services are based on flat fees, depending on the different aspects of your estate plan.

During your follow-up meeting, we will go through each aspect of your estate plan with you to ensure accuracy and to make sure you understand how your estate plan works before signing your documents—the originals and a copy will go with you for your record keeping. If  you have questions about your plan after this follow-up meeting, call us. We’ll be happy to help.

Is It Time For An Estate Plan Review

If you currently have an existing estate plan that is at least three years old and you would like to review your documents to be sure they still meet your needs, call Stone Law. We’ll be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to review your existing documents, discuss your wishes for your estate upon your death, and fill in any gaps or make necessary changes to ensure your estate plan continues to meet your needs. Any changes agreed upon will be billed as flat fees based on the planning you choose.

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Help With Elder Law and Business Planning

Most of our elder law and business planning services are billed in flat fees and depend on the work you need completed. The remainder of our services are billed hourly. Any flat fees or hourly charges will be explained up front before you agree to any elder law or business planning services.