Who We Are

Worry. Stress. Fear. When we are stuck in a place where these three things are our focus we are not in a good place. Often there are big issues and concerns we face that bring these three emotions to the forefront. But we don’t have to stay stuck here. With proper estate planning, addressing elder law needs and taking care of key business planning steps you can alleviate worry, stress and fear and focus on living life to the fullest. Call today and get started on your path toward peace of mind.

Expert Guidance in Estate Planning

At Stone Law we help clients have peace of mind regarding the future. Proper planning can alleviate your worries and stress because you have a plan for what happens after you are gone. Estate planning is a broad field with many nuances. Having a knowledgeable attorney work with you to put together a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific needs and desires is crucial and one of the areas we specialize in at Stone Law.

We have helped hundreds of clients cover all the bases including:

  • who will care for children, pets or others entrusted to you
  • what will happen when you are older, who you can trust to manage your financial affairs or take care of you if the time comes when you are unable to do so for yourself
  • who can make medical and financial decisions for you if you are unable
  • a living will to make your wishes known regarding life support and organ donation
  • trust planning to keep your legacy intact and within your family

We can help you plan for these and other issues that are unique to your situation.

Elder Law Specialty

Aging is not an easy topic, getting older and needing supports when we really love being independent leads to difficult conversations and decisions. At Stone Law we understand the unique challenges of the growing elderly population and respect the challenges faced by seniors and their families.

elder law

We can support you in the following areas:

  • understanding the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, including protecting your assets while still qualifying for Medicaid
  • determining the best housing options available for you
  • discussing retirement planning
  • looking at long-term care insurance choices
  • any specialized estate planning to meet your needs

Business Planning Services

Owning your own business can be daunting at times and having someone knowledgeable to support you can relieve some of your worries, fears and stress. The personal attention you receive at Stone Law will help set your mind at ease. We help you determine the correct structure and category for your business (entity selection) by taking the time to listen to your vision and dreams for the future. If you have partners we can work with you to create a buy and sell agreement and for your clients or other business partners contracts that minimize liability.

For landlords we can support you in setting up a limited liability corporation for any properties you have, create lease agreements tailored to your needs and walk you through the eviction process if necessary.