Important Information for Our Valued Clients

*Please be aware things are often changing quickly and this page may not reflect the most current information and procedures. If you have questions or need to confirm something with us give us a call at 877-897-6591.*

Current affairs have many companies and organizations figuring out how to meet the needs of clients in an often changing world. Estate planning can help ease some of the stress and provide peace of mind during a chaotic time. We are working to meet your needs for individualized planning while taking necessary precautions.

At Stone Law we engage frequently with an aging client base at a greater risk of serious complications from coronavirus. With respect to those we interact with in this, or any other high-risk group, we are working to accommodate client needs using virtual tools, such as a phone call or a FaceTime/Skype/Zoom call.

For those who need to sign documents the state of Colorado recently made allowance for virtual notarization. This allows your documents to be signed in the comfort and safety of your home.

Virtual Signings Require:
1. Video call when signing via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc.
2. Printing of documents we email to you.
3. Scanning (or taking a picture with your phone) pages and emailing them to us.
4. Certain documents will require mailing us the originals within 15 days of the signing.

We have limited availability for in office appointments and signings. Please call for more information or to make an appointment. In office meetings are by appointment only.

As always if you have questions feel free to reach out to us directly at 877-879-6591.