Estate administration is the process of transferring assets to beneficiaries after a person dies. When a loved one passes away, making sense of his or her wishes and navigating the complex trust planning he or she has can be a challenge. Whether we prepared your estate planning documents or they were prepared by another attorney, we can help you walk through the process and make sure everything is settled efficiently and accurately.

Stone Law Knows Estate Administration

At Stone Law, we will walk you through the entire estate administration process, from creating an inventory of all assets and property to distributing all the assets and property according to the deceased’s estate plan. By taking an inventory and documenting all assets and property, you minimize any future disputes, and have accurate records for tax purposes. Once all assets and property have been accounted for, the next step is to collect and distribute all assets appropriately, as expressed in your estate plan. Further, we will make sure any final debts are settled and we’ll ensure the necessary taxes are paid.

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